Where to recycle water filters

Recycle of water filters is also important in the perspective of the environment. Water filters are one of the most used kitchen appliances in every home. It helps you stay away for various harmful disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and contaminants present in regular water.

However, just like any other machine, with prolonged use, water filters too undergo wear and tear with time which reduces their efficiency.

We must ensure that we replace water filters at the optimum time to make sure they work just as efficiently as new ones.

In this article, we will understand when is the right time to replace your water filter and various options available for recycling used and worn out water filters.

How to know when the time to change your water filter is?

Where to recycle water filtersThe answer to this question depends on a lot of factors like the quality of water supplied for filtration, the technology used in your filter (mechanical, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, etc.).

When you buy a new water filter, the manufacturer mentions the typical lifecycle of every filter and the time when you should replace the old filter with a new one. You can find this information on the product user manual or the box.

A few new filters with unique technology come with an inbuilt color indicator that changes color when the filter needs a replacement!

Make sure you monitor the color, taste, odor, etc. of the purified water regularly. In case you notice any foul smell coming from the water or a color/taste change, it is time to consider replacing your old filter- mainly if your filter is also quite old.

Where to recycle water filters?

One of the best ways to recycle water filters is to give them back to the respective manufacturers.

Many manufacturers have a reward program wherein they give you a discount coupon or reward points every time to give your old water filter for recycling. You can use this discount or points on your new filter purchase.

Below are a few manufacturers which operate their recycling program for used water filters:


Brita has partnered with Terracycle recycling program. You should try to recycle Brita filters, and its other products in Terracycle.

The packaging and products are separated. They are then shredded and used for making new products.

The process is straightforward.  Simply register on Brita.com for My Brita program. Registration is open to all & is free of cost. You earn reward points for every shipment sent for recycling.

Do keep in mind that you need to send at least 5 units of product in each shipment. Hence, it is better to collect all the recyclable stuff and then send them together in a single shipment.


Partnered with  Terracycle to recycle filters and other filter parts.

Once the items are picked up, the products and packaging are separated. They are then further shredded finely to make new recycled products. The carbon filters are used in making polymers.

You need to make the shipment of at least 5 units, register on the website, get a shipping label, and ship the products.

Reward points earned by you can be redeemed for product bundles and gifts of your choice or can be donated to any non-profit school/organization of your choice.


The process for recycling Zerowater filters is quite straight forward. Fill up this form and send it along with the used filters for recycling at the following address:

ZeroWater Filter Recycling

c/o Delta Warehouse

1600 Delta Drive

El Paso, TX 79901

You will receive a coupon code of $10 for every two filters you send for recycling. The coupon can be redeemed on your purchases at ZeroWater.com Do note that it may take up to 4-6 weeks to process the same.

In case your water filter manufacturer does not have its recycling program, you can give away the used water filters to local recyclers in your area.


We hope that this article will give you sufficient insights on how to recycle water filters.

There is a significant chance that the water filter you use doesn’t have a manufacturer driven recycling program.

In that case, simply dispose of the used filters safely or hand them over to your local recycling agents for safe recycling and do your bit towards saving the environment.

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