What to do with old water filter

Water filters really are necessary equipment in almost any household. Water filters get dirty over time and to dispose off them is really a considerable question. We will know just what to do with old water filters and the best way to eliminate them correctly.

What is the correct time to change your water filter?

Now we are currently discussing things to do with our old water filters, it might be a fantastic idea to talk about when to switch cartridges or your filter.

It is dependent on the odor and the flavor. Another indicator that the water filter requires replacement is that the lower water dispensing speed. This can demonstrate that the filter is clogged and it must be switched.

Some manufacturers (e.g. EveryDrop, Home Master TMULTRA, Camco TastePURE ) define an expiration date for those filters. It must be a fantastic idea to stick to guarantee performance.

The time period should be approximately three to six months. Some water filters arrive with an information window for a certain level of security for the drinking water source.

Not switching the filter or filter cartridges ensure that the clogged water out of filters can create your drinking water contaminated. This is sometimes the breeding ground for the germs and other bacteria that are harmful.

You wouldn’t need this to happen together and altering the filters at the time ought to be the option.

Things to do with older filters?

Water filters become clogged. It can be reused, cleaned but may expect a replacement.

The identifier is going to be a decrease in the standard of water that you get out of the filter. You trying to understand what can be done to old filters and might be needing a few questions within this circumstance. The choices are shared in this guide.

There are 3 choices with your old water filter. They’re as follows-

  • Reuse
  • Replace
  • Recycle

1. Reuse

This is determined by the state of your water filter that is old. A couple of specialists who indicate after cleaning them, you can use.

You may use bleach and water to wash out the filter cartridges. That they’ll start working as fresh it’s possible to even think about refilling the cartridge with charcoal. There are videos that teach you the best way to fill carbon in your used and older filter cartridges.

It might appear economic, but it might not be recommended every time. New cartridges are offered at a price point that is really reasonable. Filling them up with carbon or perhaps cleaning the filters might not be sensible considering that the price & time.

If you love to do this then this might be a great experimentation platform for you personally.

2. Replace

This is one of the generally used choices as soon as your filter becomes clogged. You can take action if the filter reaches its expiration any time you realize that the quality of water isn’t good to drink or as indicated by the user guide.

A couple of brands provide an excess cartridge when you get a new filter or 1/4 switch filter replacement such as Filtrete, but it must remain preferable to have a whole pair of further filter prepared well ahead of the expiry date. This can allow you to get water pure water without any interruption.

There is also a need to look at the manufacturer and the model number until you replace them. You may discover the particulars of the old cartridge on the label in case it has been collected by you.

In the event you’re not certain, it might be a fantastic idea to get in contact with a technician. Preferably consult with a technician who’s currently working for that brand which you’re currently using.

They need to have the ability to aid you in deciding upon the cartridge. You may consult with the manufacturer’s site to locate details that is relevant.

3. Recycle

This is a good choice you may utilize to dispose of filter cartridges or your water filter. Recycling is a strategy that is environmentally friendly and helps you just choose a proactive part.

The filters that were old that were utilized cannot be clubbed together with your household waste recycling choices. It ought to be a fantastic idea to take a look at the guidelines on your area for recycling.

Some water filter manufacturers such as Brita permit you to shed your old or used cartridges in their dealerships and optional recycling facilities.

These centers allow you to drop off your filters and cartridges. It could depend upon the producers if they encourage any type of recycling choices. You can get in contact with the producer or manufacturer of your own water filter model to learn more about any recycling facilities.

It might be a fantastic idea to discover an alternate option available from some other third party supplier if you don’t have any alternatives available from the manufacturer. Recycling is the best way to repay the environment.


Well, those have been a couple of things that you can do with the filter cartridges and your water filter. It is possible to either fix it, replace it, or even consider recycling it.

Avoid throwing it in open as it might be dumped in certain landfills. You have to look after these aspects if you take care of your environment. It might not be a fantastic idea from the health perspective, although reusing the filter may seem to be a cheap alternative. We did not recommend reusing the filter.


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