Refrigerator water filters do they work

Refrigerator water filters do they work

Refrigerator water filters do they work? It is very important to know how the refrigerator water filter works before using it in your refrigerator. This guide will help to determine which filter will be best suited for your refrigerator. The municipal water treatment plants only remove a certain amount of contaminants from the water. So there are a number of harmful contaminants present in your water like lead, mercury, rust, chromium, and many more which leads to serious health issues.

Refrigerator water filters do they work

You are already aware of the fact that the tap water which you receive from the municipality still contains a number of harmful contaminants. So it is very important to use water filters to filter your water from any possible undetectable impurities. If we compare the refrigerator water filter with a filtered water pitcher or sink tap, refrigerator water filters are more effective and more economical. 

By using a refrigerator water filter you will be sure that the water you drink is pure and you don’t have to worry about the contaminants that might be present in your tap water. It removes the possibility of any contaminants present in your water. 

First of all, the filter traps the contaminants and other sediments with its surface area. Then activated carbon acts like a magnet to trap down the heavy metals like lead and other harmful chemicals. After this, some chemical reaction occurs inside the filter to eliminate the chlorine to improve the taste of water that comes out of the filter. This is the simple process of refrigerator water filters. We also need to keep in mind that an overused filter would not be able to remove all contaminants present in the water so it is very important to replace the filter regularly. An overused filter will be covered with contaminants and unable to filter the contaminants further.

How good Refrigerator Filter works?

Refrigerator water filters do they work

According to a study in the US, around 32 million people face water-borne disease each year. These diseases are due to drinking impure water which contains chemicals, harmful contaminants, and heavy metals. Most of the refrigerator filters reduce the contaminants like chemicals, lead, chromium, radon, fluoride, copper, mercury, sulfate, and many more other harmful compounds but they can’t eliminate every contaminant.

These all contaminants might or might not be present in your water depending upon in which location you live. So in case if more heavy metals present in your water then all those contaminants might not be totally removed by these refrigerator filters. In such a scenario you should consider using a reverse osmosis filter in your home to safeguard your family. 

Is it worth it to buy refrigerator filters?

If you know about these filters then you have an idea which filters are best suited for your family based on the contaminants present in your tap water. Also if you are drinking tap water directly then there are maximum chances you are consuming harmful chemicals and compounds which can lead to some serious health issues. The work of the filter is to remove maximum contaminants from your water to make it drinkable. 

So it is very necessary to use the right kind of filter which is certified to be more effective against the chemicals present in your tap water. You can check the contaminants present in your water by testing your water in a private water testing lab.

While buying a refrigerator water filter, try to consider the following points before buying :

  • There are filters that are designed to remove specific types of contaminants and chemicals from the water. So please make sure the types of contaminants present in your tap water by testing in a local lab.
  • You are also required to change your filter on a regular basis like in six months or after the number of gallons of water filter by that specific filter as per their capability which is mentioned in their lifespan details. This is required because over time the filter accumulates the contaminants and it becomes less effective against the contaminants.
  • You should also make aware yourself of how much money would be spent on the replacement of specific filters on a regular basis.
  • It is also very necessary to determine how much water is used in your family per day so that you can choose the best filter which meets the daily requirement of water. This will also help you to determine how long the filter will last.
  • If you are not sure when to replace your filter then you should take the help of a TDS meter and check your water on a regular basis. If TDS is increasing in a few days after a few months of use then it’s time to replace your filter. TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids) is the meter that gives the number of solid dissolved in your water.

To determine the right water filter

Refrigerator water filters do they work

First of all, you need to determine what type of contaminants you want to remove from your water by testing in a lab. If you find out that the contaminants present in your water are mostly organic compounds. In this case, we suggest using any refrigerator water filter whose efficiency is good for removing these compounds. Refrigerator filters are very economical and easy to install.

If the contaminants you found in your water are most of the heavy metals like lead, chromium, copper, sulfate, mercury, then in such a scenario we suggest you choose a reverse osmosis filter that is capable of removing these contaminants completely.

In your refrigerator, you will find out which type of filter is used in your refrigerator. From here you will know which type of filter you need to buy for replacing the old filter. You will check the model of the filter and buy the one which easily fits in your refrigerator. After determining which type of filter will fit in your fridge you need to find out the more efficient, long-lasting filter in the same type. This will eventually reduce the time and cost for further replacement.

You now have a basic idea about which type of filter you want to buy. You can read about the best filters review to make a choice that is best suited for you.

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