iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage Superb Taste — Guide

iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage

The iSpring is the favorite brand for Americans in the reverse osmosis system. Today we will discuss one of its products named iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage under sink Reverse Osmosis filtration system. This system is a 6-stage system that is capable of removing more than 1,000 contaminants present in your water.

iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage provides Balanced pH water

Normally, the nature of RO membranes is such that they also remove the minerals from the water along with harmful contaminants. So due to this, the water produced by the 5-stage RO membrane is slightly acidic or near a pH value of 7.0. So in this scenario, it becomes important to maintain the minerals in the water. For that, there is a 6th-stage Alkaline remineralization filter in RCC7AK which is designed to restore the required minerals and maintain the pH of the water and make the water taste better.


For minerals, natural minerals stones are used by its filter media to maintain the minerals of your water and its quality. iSpring ensures to safeguard your health. The iSpring RCC7AK is a multi-layer filtration system with the help of that, it eliminates harmful contaminants like arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury, fluoride, and many more.


It is the most favorite brand in the US. RCC7AK is certified against NSF 58 ( for RO) and ANSI (for TDS reduction in the water). Its all components go through rigorous testing methods to check if there is any type of leaks in their components or not.

The 6-Stages of iSpring RCC7AK

 The first 3-stages contain 3 Pre-filters named PP, GAC, and CTO filters. 

  • The water from the source first goes to the PP sediment filter. The work of a sediment filter is to remove heavy particles like dirt and debris by capturing them from your water source. This filter is present to make sure that no rust may be due to corroded plumbing must not enter the filter. SO we can say it is the first line and important defense against the heavy particles like dust present in your water.
  • Water from the PP sediment filter goes to the Carbon KDF filter also known as the GAC filter. This filter is used to remove the volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds like pesticides, oil which might be dissolved in your water source. Granular Activated Carbon has the unique ability to absorb odors, pesticides, and other harmful compounds from the water.
  • Water from the GAC filter reaches the CTO Carbon block filter. This filter is made up of Activated Carbon which also works in the same way as GAC. It helps to absorb the leftover compounds from GAC. These 3 filters help to remove larger contaminants like chlorine and chloramines to protect the RO.iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage
  • RO is the heart of the filtration system which is able to remove the contaminants of size 0.0001 microns which is so small through which only water molecules can pass.
  • Water from RO flows to the AC filter which provides final polishing to the water.
  • Then water from the AC filter goes to the Alkaline Remineralization filter which helps to maintain the natural pH level and restores the required minerals in the water and provides you with natural tasting water.

Features to Highlight

Transparent housing of 1st Stage

The housing of the 1st stage is transparent so that you can easily inspect the sediment filter and be able to see the contaminants which are removed by these filters. You will easily be able to know when it’s time to change the sediment filter.

Layered protection with the Finest Micron Technology

This is the most advantageous part of this system; there are both GAC and CTO 5-micron filters. The GAC filter contains loose carbon due to which it is good at trapping the larger contaminants. SO CTO has to only remove the smaller contaminants left by GAC which results in maximum efficiency of both CTO and RO membrane and hence their lifespan increases.

A system with no Leak and Easy Installation

There are color-coordinated tubings which make the installation easy. It is designed with a do-it-yourself installation so no plumbing support is required for its installation. . You can also take the help of videos for the installation. You will get lifetime support from iSpring. 

What in the Box

  • The system contains the complete filters including the AK pH filter.
  • RO housing is in the machine along with FT15 in the 5th stage and FA15 in the 6th stage.
  • Holding capacity is 2.5 gallons, nickel faucet with lead-free.
  • Pre-filter housing in which PP sediment is transparent and the other 2 are opaque.
  • 4 colored tubes, spare fittings, O-rings, feed water adapter, and a water detector.

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