Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener with FLECK 5600SXT 64,000 grain is a water softener that helps to remove the dissolved iron from your water. Most households are facing problems related to too much iron in their supply of water. This ferrous iron is the main problem for rust in pipes and degrades them. 

If we see a few years back when it was necessary to install dedicated prefilters for iron and sediments present in water to make your water clean. But now with this AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 Combination Fleck 5600SXT 64,000 grain water softener, we need not install separate filters for iron and sediments. This system is designed with components of high quality which make sure to provide you the high-quality water at a low maintenance cost.

This system contains the Fine Mesh Resin which helps to dust, chlorine, and iron from your water. Chlorine and iron is considered not good if present in water. Chlorine made the water taste bad and iron started to rust the pipes and other appliances. So softening of water is to protect your appliances and your health.

AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener with Digital Metered Control

Components of Iron Pro 2 are of high quality which is manufactured which are manufactured in the industry like Fleck and Pentair. It contains an almond brine tank along with a safety float, resin tank, and a digital metered control display which helps you to change the capacity of the softener and reduce the salt usage while softening.

The regeneration process is automatic in the system. It regenerates when there is a requirement after calculating the usage of water. This also helps to minimize the usage of salt and reduce the water waste during softening.

This is a very efficient design system that helps to remove scum of soap, rust stains from the water and also prevent the scale build-ups in your plumbing. The system comes with a backlit LCD display in which you can easily program and make settings. If there is any power failure in your area, you do not need to worry about the system settings as it has backup power which saves your setting you made. 

Fine Mesh Resin

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

Fine mesh resin is used by this system. Fine mesh resin is more effective than the standard resin for removing the iron from the water. This is due to the smaller size of the fine mesh resin which contains more resin in the same pack and provides more surface area to iron to attach. Fine mesh resin can remove the iron up to 6 ppm. 

The resin tank comes already filled. The Control system in the brine tank protects from overflow. Generally, 8% resin is used by traditional water softeners. This amount of resin is enough to soften the water but this type of resin gets less effective over a period of time by iron and chlorine that are present in your water. Fine mesh resin is more than 8% in Iron Pro 2 which although adds extra cost to your expense but lasts longer and more effectively than traditional softeners.

There are two types of iron usually found in water. First is ferrous which is soluble in the water and fine mesh resin can easily remove these types of iron. The color of water generally appears clear when you open the tap. If your water has this type of iron then we recommend using this system. The second one is ferric iron which is insoluble in the water. When this type of iron is present in your water, you will get discolored water initially when you open your tap. Fine Mesh resin is not capable of removing such type of iron. We recommend using a dedicated iron removal filter for ferric iron. 

More about the softener

If you install this softener in your home you need not install a separate prefilter in your home for softening the water. This Iron Pro 2 has the capacity to remove most of the iron from your water. It’s worth buying. This good efficiency of the softener is due to the quality of fine resin used which does not let almost any iron or ferrous rust to pass.

Hard water builds scale on the faucet, appliances, and anything which comes in contact with this. When you install this system then you need not worry about scale build-up anymore because this system softens the hard water by removing manganese and iron. Manganese causes black buildup. 

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

Meter based regeneration process is used by this system. The regeneration process of this system is so good that if you are not using more water then it will regenerate less water and conserve the water. The SXT controller in the system is the newly designed controller from the Fleck side. The digital control is fully programmable in which you can save your settings like when to regenerate or how much to fill the tank.

Flow Rate of Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

The flow rate of any softener or filter should be at least normal so that one can get ample of water when they open their faucet. The Iron Pro 2 provides you 16 gallons of water per minute which is more than sufficient for normal family size. 

For a normal size family, 10-12 gallons of water per minute is required. For watering your garden you should use the bypass valve to save the salt because soft water is not required for watering the garden. 

Iron Pro 2 Capacity

The capacity of Iron Pro 2 is 64,000 grain. This much capacity is enough for 4 people in the family. The grain capacity refers to the amount of water softened by the system between two regeneration cycles. Too much large grain capacity and too little grain capacity is not good because if grain capacity is large then water softened by softener will not be of good quality. And also if capacity is very less then the regeneration cycle would be too often which leads to more salt use eventually putting weight on your pocket. 

Where to Install the Iron Pro 2

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

One should install a water softener in their house near the main water supply to their home which should also be near to the power supply. While installing this system you should also consider that there is drainage nearby the softener so that if in case of overflow there not be any problem with water and overflow water directly go to the drainage. 

You need to maintain some distance between the softener and water heater as well to protect the heater in case of any backflow issue. You should install the system where you would get enough space for maintenance as well.


The installation of Iron Pro 2 required some basic plumbing skills while the installation process is made easy for the users. If you are not sure about how to install this system you can visit their website and see videos from their video section. You can also hire a professional plumber to install this system which most people preferred to go with.

One thing also you need to keep in mind is that certain municipalities are not allowed to install salt-based softeners. For this, you can confirm from the local building codes or if you hired a plumber then you can ask whom to take permission for this.

How to control Regeneration Process

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener

This softener monitors your water usage with meter regeneration and regenerates water only when it is required. This helps you to save many bucks throughout its lifetime. Due to its meter regeneration, less water is wasted and salt requirements get reduced. If we compare with old softeners which were regenerating water at the same time due to which a lot of salt required and a large amount of water wasted in such systems. But this Iron Pro 2 is exceptionally good to save water, salt, and eventually your money. You can also program the regeneration cycle in the control head when you want to regenerate.


The control head has a warranty of 5-years and the tank warranty is of 10 years. This system also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

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