How long do ZeroWater filters last

How long do ZeroWater filters last

In this guide, we will summarize the details of Zerowater filters like what chemicals and compounds are filtered by this, its lifetime and when is the right time to replace its filters. 

So before going directly to the question “How long do Zerowater filters last” first we will summarize its working and its efficiency to filter water.

ZeroWater Filter effect on TDS 

If you are not aware of the term TDS, let me give a short description of this. TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) means the unwanted compounds or chemicals or we can say impurities which are present in some volume of water.

There are a number of impurities present in tap water but the most concerning thing in the water is the level of sodium present in it. Although some amount of sodium is required in water but excess levels can cause many complications like kidney ailments, heart disease, and blood pressure problems. This is because the food we consume daily has already a subsequent amount of sodium present which is required by the body.  So this is very concerning how much we should take sodium on a daily basis. According to NLM (National Library of Medicine), the daily intake of sodium should be in the range of 3-6 g. 

In most of the water supplies, sodium level could be in the range of 20-250 mg per litre. So it is a better idea to reduce sodium from our drinking water as we are already taking sodium in our foods like fruits and vegetables (10-1000mg/kg), cereals and cheese (10-20g/kg), human milk (180mg/litre) and cow’s milk (770mg/litre). The ZeroWater Filters help to remove the dissolved sodium from your water. So the lifetime of the filter is purely dependent on the number of dissolved impurities present in your water. If TDS is high then filter life would be short and if TDS is low then the filter will last longer.

What ZeroWater filters actually do

How long do ZeroWater filters last

This question usually comes to the mind of users how the efficiency of ZeroWater filters are so fine and how they actually work? Let us give some light on these filters functioning. If we compare with other filters which generally use activated carbon methods to absorb the contaminants present in the water, this ZeroWater filter uses an ion-exchange method to filter water.  

ZeroWater filter consists of 5-stage water filters. These filters remove heavy metals like lead and other harmful contaminants certified by NSF. In Ion exchange method, the water is allowed to pass through the beads of resins which generally consists of sodium ions to replace the harmful and unwanted ions present in your water with this. 

The ion exchange method helps to reduce the calcium and magnesium amount from water which makes the water from hard to soft. ZeroWater filters are the only water filters that are certified by the NSF to remove both lead and chromium. ZeroWater claims that their filters are easily able to remove 99.6% of dissolved unwanted solids present in your tap water and provide 2 times more pure water than other leading brands which are tested in independent labs.

How long do ZeroWater filters last

Now coming to the question – “How long do ZeroWater filters last?” For this, we can only say that it is totally based on the TDS level of your tap water. You can check your tap water TDS with the help of a TDS meter

Criteria to know if the time to change the Filter

Zerowater generally recommends checking regularly for the TDS of your water. If the reading exceeds more than 6 ppm then this is the time to change the filter. 6 ppm means that there are only 6 ions present in the water in 1 million particles which means 999994 molecules are of water. So it is considered to be safe to consume this.

We can also consume the water with 0 TDS which has almost no impurity but there will be some fewer minerals. This will not make any impact on your body. To make yourself sure you can also check here on the WQA (Water Quality Association) article on the Consumption of Low TDS Water


In the nutshell, we can say that the lifetime of ZeroWater filters is totally dependent on the number of TDS present in your water. If the TDS reading is high then its life will be shorter and if the TDS value is less then we can expect it will last longer. Generally, we need to replace these filters in one to two months. Also, keep in mind to check for your tap water TDS regularly and don’t hesitate to change it if the filtered water TDS range goes above 6ppm as health is the most important factor of life. Stay safe, be healthy!

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