How long do Berkey water filters last

Berkey water filters

Normally when we buy anything, we normally consider the lifespan of that product. The same is applicable with the Berkey filters as well. In this article, we will find out how long do Berkey water filters last? Before finding out the lifespan of any filter, we need to know the functionality of the filter and what types of contaminants it is capable to eliminate from your water.

How Berkey Filters Works

Microfiltration System

If you look at Berkey filter elements, there are millions of very small holes that only allow water to pass through. The holes are so small that even very tiny bacteria are unable to pass through them. These microscopic holes pass through the filter shell with twisted and turned paths which make it sure that even a tiniest single-cell organism cannot pass which eventually gives you the 99.999% of clean and clear of organisms.

Process of Absorption for Heavy Metals

Berkey water filters

Not only are organisms present in water sources, but there are also harmful contaminants present like heavy metals including lead which are very harmful to our health. These heavy metals are very small which are not removed by normal filtration. So the filter element absorbs such contaminants as copper, arsenic, lead, and chromium which are impure and harmful.

Process of Adsorption for The Viruses

Viruses are very very small and also they are not living cells so the absorption process is not capable of absorbing them. These viruses are the tiny strips of DNA and RNA containing enough information to rebuild a virus factory. These are removed by the adsorption process which uses the electrostatic charge to pull them and not let them pass.

Strong Purification System of Berkey Filters

The Black Berky purification elements are so strong that they are capable of removing more than 200 contaminants from your tap water. It is capable of removing impurities from untreated freshwater sources like rivers, streams, and ponds.

Testing is done independently

Berky uses many independent labs to test the range of contaminants removed by this. It uses extreme testing methods to know how much it is effective to remove the contaminants like lead and PFCs from the water.

How long Berkey Filters lasts

Berkey water filters

The longevity of Berkey filters is dependent on how much water you filter every day. On average, a pair of Black Berkey Purification Elements lasts up to 6,000 gallons of water filtered. We generally calculate the lifespan in days, months, and years. Let’s calculate its lifespan.

Suppose a family of four uses 5 gallons of water per day, then in such a scenario the filter pair will last for around 1,200 days or we can say slightly more than 3 years. The water demand for a single person is low so it is very economical to choose a smaller model like Travel Berkey. In such a case for a single person, with an average of 2 gallons of water per day, the filter elements would last for 8 years. From this example, we can say that Berkey Filters are long-lasting filters.

Test with Red Dye

This simple test you can do to test that your water filter is still filtering your water or not. The artificial red dye is able to simulate those contaminants for which Berkey filters are designed. In this test, if you found that the filter is able to remove the red food coloring then it is a sign that Berkey elements are still removing the contaminants from your water. 

Berkey water filters

If red color is still in your water, then two things are possible. First, the filter lifetime is over, and second, the filters might not be installed properly due to which red dye is passing through. This is a good thing about the red dye test that you can perform it anytime in the filter lifetime. If you have any doubt regarding the installation of the element or there is any type of damage in the hardware then you can make this sure with the help of a red dye test and seeing the result.

For doing this test, you need to mix 1 tsp of red dye in 1 gallon of water and mix it well. After that pour this colored water into the upper chamber of the Berker Filter. When you see that in the lower chamber, the collected water has some red color, then it’s time to change the elements of the filter. 

Important Instructions To Mind For Red Dye Test

  • To make sure the test will give accurate results, make sure all things are installed properly.
  • Only artificial red coloring should be used for the test
  • Do not drop color on the filters directly. Food Colour should be premixed with water in specified amounts like 1 tsp in 1 gallon of water.
  • The fluoride filter should be removed before taking the test.

You can also go through this instruction page for the red dye test and the official video for this.

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