Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a very popular alternative to regular water softeners. The product is sold by Eddy Water Descalers company based out of the United Kingdom, and the product has been getting quite rave reviews across the internet.

In this post, we will review the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler in depth by knowing how it works & understanding its pros & cons.

Let us now get started and get to know Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is worth the hype or not.

About Eddy Water Descalers, UK

Eddy Electronic Water DescalerEddy Electronic Water Descaler is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by Eddy. The company was founded around 20 years ago by two engineers who were themselves troubled with white hard limescale deposits in their homes.

They designed the Eddy ED1503P in the year 1999, which had three coils. Based on the feedback from the customers, the installation process for the three coil systems was cumbersome. They invented a two-coil system in the year 2003 called Eddy ED5002P.

The current unit being available in the market is the Eddy ED6002P Professional which is extremely popular in the market.

How does Eddy  Electronic Water Descaler work?

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler comes with two individual coils that produce EMW (electromagnetic waves). They are applied to the water which is being supplied- that is, the water is continuously subjected to changing electromagnetic waves. This alters the property of limescale to adhere to a surface. Hence it no longer deposits itself on your clean surfaces, inside pipes and appliances to which the water is supplied.

An important thing to note is that, in this process, it does not tamper the chemical hardness of the water. Due to this, the essential healthy constituents present in water are retained intact.

How to install Eddy Electronic Water Descaler?

Installing Eddy Electronic Descaler is a quick and easy process. You can follow the below 3 step guide for installing Eddy Electronic Descaler.

Step 1:  Open the package and take out the two coils of wire present in the box. Wind these wires on the incoming water supply pipeline through which the water flows. The position of the pipe (vertical/horizontal) does not make any difference.

Step 2: Fix the Eddy unit nearby with the sticky pads provided in the package. Insert the plugs of the red and yellow wires at the respective slots in the Eddy unit.

Step 3: Connect to the nearby power supply using the power adapter provided in the box. Turn the power ON, and you will see all the lights glowing on the Eddy unit.

You can also check out this process in the provided instruction manual or refer to the steps on their official website.


Descaling Entire System: Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is quite useful as it descales the entire water system in your home. It is a ‘fit and forgets’ system, which requires no maintenance.

Retains Healthy Constituents in Water: The best part is that it does not alter the hardness of the water. All the necessary healthy & beneficial constituents present in water are kept intact.

Environmentally Friendly: Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is an environmentally friendly option. The great thing is that it does not add salt to the water.  It is certified by C.E. and FCC as per U.S., E.U. and U.K. standards.

Quick & Easy Installation Process: The installation process is quite easy and can be done without engaging a handyman or a plumber.

Affordable Price: The product comes at an extremely affordable price point- almost a fraction of many other similar options available in the market.

Money-Back Guarantee: The product comes with two months 100%  no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. The significant part is that the product also has a ‘repair or replace’ warranty for a lifetime!


We did not come across any negative points of this product while reviewing the product. However, we did notice a small fraction of users complaining about its effectiveness on e-commerce portals complaining about its effectiveness.


Eddy Electronic Water Descaler if you are looking for an ideal descaler for your home needs.

It is priced very economically compared to various other alternatives available in the market and works very efficiently. It can be installed in just around 10-15 minutes and does not require any maintenance.

All these factors make it one of the best water descalers available in the market. You can go ahead and purchase this product.  We are sure that it would be an excellent value for money purchase which fulfills all your requirements pertaining to the descaling of water.

In case you have already purchased and have been using this product, feel free to share your experience via comments.

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