Clearly Filtered Triple Stage Kitchen Faucet Filtration System 2021

Clearly Filtered Triple Stage Kitchen Faucet Filtration System

Nowadays almost every household is facing problems related to impure water which contains harmful contaminants, chemicals, viruses, and other heavy metals. Long exposure to these contaminants leads to serious health issues. Every year millions of people are facing the water-borne disease. So it becomes very mandatory to install the filtration system in your home after testing the types of contaminants present in the water.

If you are looking for a water filter that can provide you clean water by removing the contaminants present directly from your faucet then the Clearly Filtered Triple Stage Kitchen Faucet Filtration system might be a great option for you. In this guide, we find out how effective this is against cleaning water.

Features of Clearly Filtered Triple Stage Kitchen Faucet Filtration System

This system is very effective and you will find that why it is considered to be better than other similar traditional systems in the market. Here are some detailed features of this system.

3-Stage Filtration System

This system has a 3-stage filtration system.Stage-1 filter is a Carbon filter. This filter contains granulated coconut carbon. This carbon is a highly activated carbon that is made from coconut shells. Activated carbon of this type has higher abrasion resistance if we compare them with the other carbon. As it is obtained from coconut shells it is environment friendly and the carbon footprint is very small.

The advantage of this activated carbon is that there are more than 80% micropores present in it. These micropores are able to absorb the impurities very easily present in the water. This helps to increase the efficiency of coconut-based activated carbon. This carbon helps to remove the unpleasant smell of chlorine from the water which was used at the treatment time by water supplying bodies. 

This filter helps to remove VOCs as well and other chemicals, impurities present in water by its activated coconut carbon. Filters are made in the USA.

The 2-stage filter is used for removing the harmful contaminants which include chromium, arsenic, lead, pesticides, PFAS, herbicides, and many more contaminants along with heavy metals up to 99.9% from water. This filter is also designed to remove any VOCs present in the water. VOCs are the Volatile Organic Compounds that make adverse health problems.

Clearly Filtered Triple Stage Kitchen Faucet Filtration System

Stage-3 is arsenic and fluoride filter. This filter is designed to remove the fluoride and arsenic from the tap water. This filter eliminates 99.5 % of fluoride from your tap water with the help of its fluoride removal technology. For removing these contaminants there is no RO or bone char or activated alumina is used. 

This filter is tested in the most rigorous standards so you need not to worry about its quality. The system filter performance provides you with mental peace and you will be assured about your and your family’s health.

There is no requirement for power to operate this system. These filters remove more than 230 harmful contaminants and chemicals before the water reaches your tap. These filters remove that much amount of contaminants, heavy metals, and contaminants which are not even removed by combined chemicals and contaminants number from the top 5 brands available in the market.

Long-Lasting Filters

The average lifetime of filters in this system up to around 1 year or filters 2000 gallons of water. Filter lifetime also depends on the number of contaminants present in the tap water and how much water is filtered per day. For large families, one can expect the filter life would be 9 months around. After 9 months, it is necessary to change the filters to receive an uninterrupted clean water supply from your tap.

If the family size is small then filters need to be replaced in 12 months. For a single person’s use, the filters will last for 15 months of use. Many people are facing life-changing health issues by drinking contaminated water every day. So it becomes very advisable to protect your family from such diseases by installing a system that is capable of removing more than 230 contaminants with an average of 99.7%.

The one way to know that when you need to change the filter is that when you find out the water flow from your tap is slowing down. The best way is to write the date on any of the filters while installing to track when it’s time to change the filter.

Pure, Clean, and Great tasting water 

Tap water taste is generally not good due to the presence of sulfur, copper, chlorine, fluoride, and other heavy metals. This filter is designed in such a way to eliminate those chemicals and compounds which are responsible for bad taste. This filter makes the taste better in all the beverages the filtered water is used to make. Your packed water bottle price will be cut and you will get delicious tasting water right from your tap.


The installation of the system is very easy. Plumber skills are not required or any tools to drill. Any person with basic DIY skills is able to install this. The design of the system is such that no permanent installation is required and you can move your filter whenever you want. 

The heads of the filters are leakproof and have shut-off valves in-built which help to change your filters very easily. You can uninstall this system out or install this under the sink within 15 minutes. 

To install this system, first of all, you need to turn off your normal water supply then near stage-1 cartridge add the filter hose make a connection to the faucet by attaching the second end of the filter hose to your faucet hose. And that’s done! You even no need to attach the filter to the wall. 

Also, there are some users who are not willing to filter all of their water that is coming to their faucet. No such kit is provided by the Clearly Filtered so in that case, you need to hire a plumber to add a splitter in your normal cold water supply line and make its connection on the faucet you want to connect. 


Everything has some pros and cons in this world. Let’s look at the pro and cons of this system as below : 

  • This system helps to eliminate over 230 harmful contaminants present in the water including lead, fluoride, arsenic, pesticides, chemicals, and many more.
  • This filter is tested independently against EPA and NSF standards.
  • The Lifetime of filters is to filter 2000 gallons of water.
  •  Very easy to install where no plumber is required and a basic DIY skills person can easily install it.
  • No tools and drilling are required while installing and you can install thin within 15 minutes.
  • Highly recommended for renters as you can easily take out this system from under the sink within minutes.
  • Guarantee is a lifetime. You will get a full refund if you are not liking the filter efficiency.

Clearly Filtered Triple Stage Kitchen Faucet Filtration System


  • This system will filter all cold water that is coming to your faucet unless any splitter is not installed.
  • You will get reduced cold water flow from your faucet. It depends on the initial water pressure in your home
  • The replacement filters of this system are expensive.

Reduced water flow cause

The reduced water flow is dependent on the pressure at which water is entering your home. If you are in the city then there would not be much impact on the pressure. You may probably get around 15-20% less water pressure. This is because that the system contains three-stage filtration and your cold water goes through all these three stages which are expected that the received water flow rate would be less as compared to prior installing the system. If your water supply is from well then you will get a flow rate of around one-third of the initial rate. 

The Conclusion

The system contains high-quality material which is tested against NSF and EPA standards. The filters are long-lasting filters that are capable of filtering 2000 gallons of water. 

The filters are designed to remove over 230 harmful contaminants including lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other chemicals. The efficiency of filters is to remove an average of 99.9% of total contaminants present in the water. The removal of fluoride and lead from water is not an easy job for most of the filters as these elements are very hard to remove from your water.

The filtration system can be considered expensive and also its filters are but this is not the most expensive under sink system available in the market. If we compare its water cleaning and contaminants removal efficiency, it is the best under sink filter you can buy at this price.

Other filter systems with less price than this are not much effective and there are chances that some contaminants might be unfiltered by them which may raise health issues. It is a great idea to buy the best product which is directly linked to you and your family’s health. 

My recommendation is if you want to buy a filter that can remove 230+ contaminants including elements like fluoride, lead, and other harmful chemicals like VOCs, PFAS, and other pesticides, and provides a lifetime guarantee then you can go for this system. The company is providing a guarantee that if the system is breakdown then they will replace it without any charge. What could be good than this!

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