Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system (2021)

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

This Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system is not bulky and does not require electricity or a pump to operate. The installation of the system is also very easy. Any person with basic DIY skills can install this system. This system does not waste much water while filtering water unlike other systems which wastewater up to 24 gallons for providing one-gallon clean water. 

This system uses patented water safety technology. The system is more efficient than other RO systems available in the market. The system is small and compact in design which makes it easy to install in less space. The main cause of water waste in traditional RO systems is due to backpressure. So to avoid water waste, this system eliminates the backpressure by using Smart Valve.

This system is so compact that you will have plenty of space available after installing this system under your kitchen sink. You are not required to use electricity or electric pumps to maintain your water pressure. Pipes and tubing are color-coded so it is very economical and easy to install.

Features of Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

Smart Technology to save water

The smart valve technology used by the system and the unique circular reservoir helps to make this system more than 10 times efficient by eliminating the back pressure which is the common problem of traditional RO systems and helps to reduce the water waste. The system helps to automatically flush the RO membrane which significantly helps to increase the lifetime of the filters.

Four Stage Filtration Technology

Brondell Circle uses 4 different advanced filters to remove the harmful contaminants and industrial chemicals from the water. This system is certified with Gold seal by WQA which ensures to provide clean, pure water to you and your family. Filters help to eliminate odors and increase the taste of water. 

LED indicator to change Filter

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

This filtration system includes an LED indicator to let you know when it’s time to change the filter. So you need not worry about when you have to change the filter. This technology also helps to reduce the burden of purchasing any TDS meter to monitor the water quality regularly so that you can know when there is a need to change the filter. The system is of compact design which helps to leave more space for storage under your sink after installing the system.

The light indicator is a very convenient feature. You will see if it’s time to change the filter then the LED light would change to Red from Blue.  Normally the filters required to replace in six months or after filtering 475 gallons of water whichever comes first.

Eco-Friendly System

The water flow rate is constant and the refill is very fast due to the use of patented technology and its unique design. There is no requirement for a pump or electricity to operate this system. 

Easy Filter Replacement

With its easy twist and seal system, you can replace the filters very easily. You only need to twist a quarter turn to change and seal the filter. There is no requirement of tools for changing its filters.

Process of FIltration

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

The first stage filter is a sediment filter which helps to reduce the large impurities like rust, fine particles, and sands from the water. This pre-filter is the reason to protect the other filters and RO membrane from large impurities. This eventually leads to an increase in the other filter’s lifetime.

The second stage filter is Pre-Carbon Plus Filter which helps to remove the harmful soluble contaminants, chemicals, and harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which could be responsible for the RO membrane filter damage. 

The third stage includes the RO membrane filter. In this stage, water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane which results in separating harmful contaminants from water molecules. The RO membrane helps to reduce harmful contaminants like arsenic, industrial chemicals, fluoride, cysts, heavy metals, and other chemicals present in the water.

The fourth stage includes the Post Carbon Block Filter which removes any leftover harmful contaminants from the water. These contaminants could be Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), chlorine and improve the dispensed water taste.

Filtration Capacity

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

The water efficiency filtration of this Brondell H2O+ system is 2.1:1 which means while filtering 1 gallon of water, it will waste 2.1 gallons of water. It seems like this much water waste is large but if we compare it with other traditional RO systems then it is very less. Many traditional RO systems waste more than 24 gallons of water for producing 1-gallon pure water. This shows that Brondell Circle reverse osmosis water filtration system is 10 times more efficient than other traditional systems.

Flow Rate of Brondell Circle

The capacity of the tank is 1.6 gallons of this system. The flow rate of this system is very impressive which is able to provide 57 gallons of filtered water per day. If we compare the tank filling time taken by the system, the system fills the tank at the same rate as other electric pump system fills and the filling speed is twice in comparison to other non-electric traditional systems.

Certified with Water Quality Association

Water Quality Association certified the Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system. You are also required to beware of manufacturers whose systems are not certified by any authorized company for products related to water filtration systems.  

The system is certified with NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 58 which depicts that the system is designed to remove lead, copper, barium, fluoride, trivalent chromium, copper, cadmium, selenium, arsenic, chlorine, odor, and many more and improve the water TDS.


Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

You can install this Brondell Circle RO system very easily under your kitchen counter. The system comes with all parts which are required to install the system along with the user manual. This system is the most elegant high efficient water filtration system. If there is already a drilled hole then it requires less time to install. 

Its simple design makes it easier to install. The system comes with only three connectors which contain primary inlet, feed pipe, and wastewater.  

Maintenance Required

The maintenance of the filtration system is very easy. You can easily replace the filters with simple twists and turns. When you see that the LED indicator color is changed to Red from Blue then it is time to change the filter and replace the battery to reset the indicator.

Follow these steps for replacing filters :

  • First, turn on the indicator faucet until all water is drained out from the tank. Keep on the faucet to release leftover pressure.
  • Close the T-valve which is under the sink after the tank is emptied to stop the water flow to circle. Then turn off the faucet. Remove the cover which is over the circle.
  • Turn the filter that you want to replace in an anticlockwise direction. The label of the unlock filter arrow must line up with the arrow with the filter base. After this pull down the filter to remove it.
  • Replace the filter with a new one and make sure to fit the filter with the same color-coded label.
  • Write down the date on the replaced filter to track the filter life. Replace the faucet battery every 6 months. Brondell provides a battery with each RF-20 filter set so that you are not required to buy a faucet battery.
  • Place the cover and allow the water to run in the circle by opening the T-valve under the sink. 
  • Now you need to flush out the new system thoroughly. For this, first, turn on the faucet for 10 minutes to remove the air from the system.
  • After purging all air from the system, turn off the faucet for 40 minutes to fill the tank fully. After the tank is filled, again turn on the faucet for 10 min or empty the tank. This is done to flush out the tank and the filter.
  • Now turn off the faucet and the tank will again fill in 40 minutes. This water you can use for drinking purposes.
  • Replacement of faucet battery of LED indicator is necessary to reset the filter change reminder. For this, you need to replace the old battery with the new one.

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system

Cautions and safety required

  • You should avoid installing the system near any heater.
  • You should not put any flammable objects like cigarettes or candles on the system.
  • You should not put any type of weight on the top of the system. 
  • While cleaning the system you should not use benzene or water to clean.
  • Avoid children to reach near the circle.


  • Uses smart water-saving technology which makes this 10 times more efficient.
  • Patented Smart Valve provides maximum efficiency.
  • LED indicator for filter change makes it easier to track when to change the filter.
  • Leaves more space under the sink due to its compact design.
  • No pumps are required to maintain their flow rate. No electricity is required to operate this system.
  • In under one hour, the 1.6-gallon tank is fully filled. 
  • The RO membrane filter life extends due to its automatically flushing filters. 
  • The twist and seal method makes it very easy to replace the filters.
  • The certified standards for this system are NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58, and 372.
  • This system is Gold Seal certified by WQA certified for its performance.
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system


  • There is no compression bladder so due to this, the flow rate might be slow.
  • The filter replacement is a little bit expensive.

The Conclusion

Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system is easy to install and more than 10 times efficient than other conventional RO systems present in the market. The system does not require any electricity to operate and no pump is required to maintain the water flow rate. Maintenance is very easy.

If you are looking for a system that is very compact and removes most of the contaminants present in your water with low maintenance cost then you can consider this system. The system is eco-friendly which wastes very less water as compared to other RO systems. 

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