Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter-2021

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter provides clean water for up to 1-4 people per day. The system is a portable water filtration system. The Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter works like a pitcher filter where you only need to fill the water in the filter and the rest of the job will be done by the system itself and no electricity is required to operate the system.

It does not work like countertop filters where they are attached to the kitchen faucet. You can place this system wherever you want to place it. You can also pick up this at any place like when you have to spend your time where there is no clean water source.

The size of Big Berkey is quite large. Its dimension is 19.25” high and 8.5” in diameter. This requires a bit of space to keep it. This system relies on gravity for filtering which has nothing to do with the water flow pressure of your home. So we cannot say if this is the best option in comparison to the countertop filtration system.

Features of Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Made from stainless steel

The Big Berkey is made from stainless steel. The Berkey filter which we are reviewing in this article is of size 19.25” height and 8.5” in diameter. The Berkey water filters come in 7 different sizes. You can also put this system on the kitchen top. The stainless steel helps to protect against corrosion and provide strength to the system. Stainless steel also has heat resistance.

How Efficient are Filter Elements

Black Berkey filter elements are very advanced and powerful elements used in the Berkey system. A large number of water contaminants are removed by these filters when tested in independent EPA-approved laboratories. These filters take the filtration to a high level. This makes these filters very efficient in the present market. In every Berkey water filtration system, you will get these filter pairs in the box. 

You will feel more confident and safe while consuming the water filters from Black Berkey filters about the purity of the water. Berkey filters are more powerful than other competitors available in the market. The testing industry has some standard set for how much contaminants and harmful pathogens should be present in water per liter to test the filter. But these filters are tested more than making 10,000 times contaminants and pathogens concentration per liter of water. 

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

You can imagine that the concentrations are made so dense that a traditional filter would leave around 100,000 harmful contaminants present in the water after filtration per liter. While in the case of Black Berkey filters with such high concentration, removes 99.9999% of contaminants, pathogens, and harmful bacteria present in the water. No pathogens would be detected if the water is filtered from the Black Berkey filters. 

These filters do not remove any required minerals for your body and are so powerful that they are able to remove food color easily from the water. These filters are certified with EPA and ANSI/NSF standard-53. These Black Berkey filters are tested in many labs and are exceeded in every result.

You can turn your other brand water filter into a purifier by putting the Black Berkey filter elements in that system by replacing the original ones. These powerful filters are able to easily improve the water filtering efficiency of other brands very easily by removing harmful contaminants.

You can use Black Berkey filters in any water source but it is good and recommended if the water source is clean as possible. It is not advisable to use the Black Berkey filters in hard water. These are not designed for hard water. The lifespan of these filters will be reduced when used in hard water and also it leads to the void of the warranty period of the filters.

One Black Berkey filter is able to filter 3,000 gallons of water throughout its lifetime. So you will be able to filter 6,000 gallons of water with a pair of these filters with an approximate cost of just only 2 cents for filtering one gallon of water. Filters are able to clean 100 times more than a normal filter by using its 3M Scotch Brite-pad which makes this possible to be this much effective.

Black Berkey Filter Elements Working Principles


Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Black Berkey filters work on three principles called microfiltration, adsorption, and absorption. All these processes are combined in each filter. Let’s discuss them here one-by-one. 

Principle of Microfiltration

The materials from which Black Berkey filters are manufactured are also known as the first defense of the Berkey filtration system against the harmful contaminants present in water. More than 6 media types are used in these filters and manufactured in such a way that there are millions of micropores present in this compact design. These pores are very micro in size which only allow water molecules to pass through them. 

These pores are so small that even a very minute contaminant is not able to pass through these pores. The filter shell has a tortuous path containing twist and turns through with micropores are present so that even very tiny sediment, any harmful mineral, or bacteria can not pass. This purification part is similar to the British Berkefeld.

But in the current world, there are many things happening which are making the water more polluted. Like in agricultural processes, many different types of contaminants and chemicals are used which eventually leads to contaminate water even more than earlier. So the only microfiltration is not sufficient to remove these contaminants from the water.

Absorption Process

The Ion exchange process is used by Berkey in absorption. The ion exchange process helps to extract the contaminants ions like lead, chromium, copper from the water. The molecule’s ions are not balanced means the number of protons are not equal to electrons. So due to this, molecules try to make a balance by attracting the other ions or molecules with opposite charges present in the water.

To attract the contaminants molecules present in water, the filter is filled with ions. With this the molecules get bonded with the ions present in the filter permanently, helping to prevent the contaminants from entering the bottom chamber where filtered water is stored for drinking purposes.

In this way, the absorption media helps to prevent harmful contaminants from entering filtered water and make the water safer to drink.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Adsorption Process

There are many bacteria, viruses, and contaminants present in water which are very small in size. So adsorption helps for creating an Ionic barrier. This barrier is created in micropores for those bacteria, viruses, and contaminants which are very tiny even in comparison to these pores to block them from entering these pores. Viruses have an electrostatic charge which is used by Berkey filters to attract these viruses and contaminants to direct them into the tortuous path against tunnel walls. 

Berkey filters are not just water filters, they are also water purifiers. Such cleaning efficiency is achieved by other filters only after using chemicals like chlorine or iodine for removing viruses and bacteria from the water. 

Big Berkey Installation and its Maintenance

Installation of Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Filter is very easy. There is nothing much to install. The first thing you need to do is to flush out the system to avoid any bad taste of water due to present sediment. For this, you just need to fill the tank to its brim and leave for a few hours. After a few hours when all water is filtered and stored in lower tank storage, drain all water and use this in your garden rather than waste this water. After this system is ready to use.

The lifespan of the filter pair is 6,000 gallons. The filter is impressive in comparison to systems whose filter lifetime is only between 500-700 gallons of water filtering capability. You need to replace the filter elements after they filtered 6,000 gallons of water combined.

The Conclusion

It takes a few minutes to pass the water through the filter elements due to its gravity flow nature. This helps to increase the contact time of filter elements with water which eventually leads to removing more contaminants from water which can not be attained by a pressurized filtration system. Due to this its water flow rate is not high. 

This system is certified by ANSI/NSF standard 53 for removing heavy metals and contaminants like lead, VOCs, parasites, leads, pesticides, radon, and other harmful chemicals and pathogens. This filter is able to remove bacteria, viruses, and pathogens up to 99.9999% from the water. Filter tank capacity is 2.25 gallons.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The unmatched quality of water from the Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter is due to the use of different scientific methods. To make this system work effectively and for a longer span, the three principles of absorption, adsorption, and microfiltration help to achieve this.

This system does not use electricity as this is a gravity-based system. Its water filters are very effective and provide clean water to the next level by removing almost all contaminants, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria from the water. You need not worry about the quality of your drinking water if you have a Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter.

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