Aquasana Whole House Water Filter 2021

Aquasana Whole House Water

Aquasana Whole House Water filter will help to protect your home and appliances from harmful contaminants present in your tap water. The water which we receive from the water supply is not clean and well treated most of the time. So there is a maximum chance that the water we are using would be hard water. 

We use tap water for many purposes in our home like for washing machines, bathrooms. The hard water is not good for the appliances and starts to degrade them. The hard water with so many impurities can damage the internal parts of the washing machine if we are using it directly without treating it.

The hard water is also responsible for fading the clothes ‘ colors. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter helps to overcome these waterborne problems by removing contaminants, heavy metals, and other viruses and microorganisms.

High-Performance Whole House Filter

This Aquasana system filters the water when the water is about to enter your home. It helps to remove the hardness of the water and remove other harmful chemicals, contaminants, and heavy metals so that your plumbing would not face any damage due to the water flowing through it. 

This filter is very effective and long-lasting which filters water for your whole house for up to 10 years or filters 1 million gallons of water. This system is equipped with carbon and KDF media which are for removing the dissolved heavy metals and elements like chlorine, microorganisms, viruses, dissolved iron, hydrogen sulfide, and many more.

KDF Media Water Treatment Process

Aquasana Whole House Water

There are many types of water treatment processes by KDF Media. Granular activated carbon filters are generally used by these processes also these processes are used by inline filters as well. The most important thing about this KDF is that it protects the carbon bed of Granular activated carbon (GAC) due to the growth of bacteria which eventually leads to an increase in the lifetime of GAC.

KDF is recognized as replacing the silver-impregnated filters. Silver is expensive and it is toxic to some extent as well. Copper and zinc present in the KDF start an electrochemical reaction. New elements are created due to the transfer of electrons between molecules. Due to this reaction, contaminants are converted into harmless elements. 

If we are taking an example like chlorine present in the water converted into benzene. Soluble hydrogen sulfide changed to insoluble sulfide and soluble iron changed to insoluble ferric oxide. Similarly, other soluble heavy metals like lead, mercury, fluoride, chromium, copper are converted to some insoluble compounds which are easily removed with the help of backwash.

This system does not claim that this will improve the TDS of water. It does not remove the required minerals from the water. It helps to remove a number of harmful contaminants and heavy metals from your water. 

  • This system helps to remove about 97% of chlorine from your water with KDF media.
  • Along with chlorine, it reduces the pesticides, lead, mercury from the water which are very harmful to health.
  • You will get fresh drinking water from every tap in your home.
  • It helps to prevent any type of binding and scale build-up in your pipes and machines like washing machines.
  • You will get around 10 years or 1 million gallons of filtered water.

How Cost-efficient is the Aquasana Whole House Water filter

This system is both a water filter as well a water softener. So if you compare its cost for combo water filters and water softeners, then this is more cost-efficient. In fact, according to the manufacturer’s claim, you need to pay less than $0.1 per gallon of filter water. 

This leads you to save twice money as compared to the other house filter brands available in the market for providing you 1 million gallons of filtered water. This system is a salt-free conditioner that does not waste water like other salt-based softeners or filters.

  • If you are looking for a whole house water filter whose efficiency is good and also cost-efficient then this system is the best option for you. It will provide you fresh water throughout your home and have no harmful contaminants.
  • This system contains the salt-free descaler which does not use any chemicals and provides protection against the scale build-up throughout your home. You need not worry about the corrosion and scale build-up, the system itself takes care of that.

Flow Rate

If we are talking about the flow rate of this system, the water flow rate is 7 gallons per minute which is quite satisfactory for medium family size. To maintain the water flow rate to this level you need to check the sediment level of the water in your home and replace the pre and post-filters between 1-3 months of use.

Maintenance and its Installation

Aquasana Whole House Water


The installation of the Aquasana Whole House filter required some basic plumbing skills. There is a DIY installation manual that is also included in the box to install it with yourself. You can also find online videos for installing this system. But if you do not want to install it with yourself then you can hire a professional plumber which generally most people do to install this system in your home. 

Few customers found out that few parts which are required for installation are not present in the box. So in this case you need to visit a hardware store for the tools which are required. 

Now coming to its maintenance, as it is a salt-free system also no tank in this system, you need not fill salt in every week or so. You need to also make sure about the sediment level of your water so that you can calculate after how much time the filter needs replacement. 

Replacement of pre and post-filter is required to maintain the water flow rate to maximum efficiency. If you use the same filter then it will be filled with sediments and contaminants which will not further clean your water. Normally, this system filter must be replaced between 1-3 months of use.

Filter Details

Softening of water is salt-free in the Aquasana Whole House Water filter. The KDF media used in this system convert the dissolved metals, contaminants, and sediments which are responsible for the scale build-ups in the pipes and appliances into insoluble compounds. These compounds are easily removed in the backwash process.

Due to its unique upflow design with a dual tank, when water enters the filter, the water remains in contact with contaminants grabbing part for a longer duration. Due to this more harmful contaminants filtered out from the water. This helps to prevent any type of clogging and increases the lifespan of appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines.

The filtered water contains the required minerals which increase the water taste in comparison to those house filters which use salt-based softeners.

There is a dedicated filter for removing the sediments from your water from where the water further goes for contaminants reduction. 

This system removes the contaminants like 97% of chlorine, mercury, pesticides, VOCs, lead, soluble elements in the water, and many more. The filters are not designed to remove TDS. 

The UV filter in this system penetrates the cells of living organisms and viruses present in your water and destroys their DNA so that they can’t further grow. This filter helps to provide you even cleaner water which tastes better.

Aquasana Whole House Water

The Highlights of Aquasana Whole House Water Filter

  • You will get great tasting and odorless water due to the reduction of 97% of chlorine for your whole house.
  • The sedimentation filter of this system is upgraded so that there will be more sediment filtration from your water.
  • Since no chemicals are used in this system, there will be less VOCs produced which does not degrade the air quality.
  • Installation is not so easy. You may be required to hire a professional plumber if you have no basic plumbing skills to install this system.
  • This system will help to increase the lifespan of your appliances by removing the contaminants and compounds which are responsible for the scale build-ups in pipes and for corrosion in home appliances.
  • Water softening is natural in this filter which does not require salt for water softening. 
  • UV protection helps to protect you and your family from harmful viruses and bacteria which might be present in your water.
  • SCM (Scale Control Media) technology is used by this system which is natural and will not add salt to your water.
  • This system does not waste water.
  • Due to its dual tank design, the water remains in contact for a longer duration with the media which helps to grab the harmful contaminants and heavy metals which are soluble in your water by converting them into insoluble compounds.
  • You will get a constant clean water supply for 1 million gallons of water or for 10 years whichever comes first.
  • You need to replace your pre and post filter within the span of 1-3 months based on the amount of sediment present in your water supply.
  • On average, you need to pay $0.1 for one gallon of filtered water.

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